About Us..

Echoe has been cooking since the ripe age of 10, being crowned the house cheff Bolognese Chef.

In highschool she was top of her year in Food technology, as a teen worked as a chef hand & at 19 worked in The 5 Star Ana Harbour Grand Hotel Sydney's Brasserie, Japanese Fine Dining & Tepenyaki Restaurants after having lived in Japan for a year.

Being autistic Echoe is prone to hyper-fixating on her 'special interests' & cooking is one of them! having self-studied Nutrition for 25+ years she finally completing a Level 5 Foundation Degree to become a Certified Nutritionist.

She has always loved spices & tryig any new food she can get her mouth on!

She has developed her taste buds whilst living, dining & cooking worldwide.

She was born in Amseterdam, grew up in Sydney, lived in Japan at 17, traveled to Bali Indonesia at 18 then relocating the U.k at 19.

In the U.k lived with Ugandan, West Indian, Jamacian & British families, where they taught her Authentic & Traditional Dishes from their home countries.

Echoe loves to try new foods & travel the world doing so & in her 41years she has lived in:

*Matera, Italy 3.5years

*Namibia, Africa 4 months,

*Mallorca & around Spain 3 months

as well as having frequented France, Poland, Germany, Holland & Greece.

Echoe is an artist at heart, having also been top of her peers in Art & having studied a degree in Music, having been a singer-songwriter.

Her cooking is fluid, sensual, full of flavour & based around 'the mood of the moment', whatever you are craving, she can help you make it, vegan & better than the original!

Haydn is British born & bread & in his 27years

*Lived Barbados for over a year

*Traveled & Worked in Florida, USA for 3 weeks

Visited Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Slovania, Dubai, Australia & New Zealand.

Due to his Dyslexia he has not always had all the opportunities he merited as his cooking was the best in his class but he came second as his cocurse work was not 'up-to'scratch' this did not put out his passion to bake though!

Having a background in Chemistry & Carpentry, he is a very practical, methodical & precise baker, which well, you kind of have to be as let's face it, baking is a science!

Although a hobbiest, since starting a vegan diet after meetng Echoe 2 years ago, he has perfected many vegan baking recipes & over-come many common challenges most new vegans face when it comes to using egg replacements (or not), aquafaba & which plant milks work best etc

He loves to bake on the weekends & Echoe loves to decorate them, between the two they make a dynamic cooking duo!

Whatever you want to learn to cook, they can help!